Aqua Energy Solutions Co.is a fully Saudi owned State-of-the-Art, advanced machining facility. It was founded to be one of the finest facilities in the Middle East to machine parts in all different machining operations (such as milling, turning, and mill-Turning) with the aim to meet tight tolerances (within +/- 10 micron). Aqua Energy Solutions Co. manufacture spare-parts using different types of materials, including all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel.

Reverse engineering and manufacturing of spare parts is considered to be the core business of Aqua Energy Solutions Co, with the focus on mechanical components (rotating or stationary), such as shafts, sleeves, crank shafts, heat exchangers and flanges.

With the latest technologies in precision CNC machinery, Aqua Energy Solutions Co. can provide its customers with shorter delivery times compared to that of conventional workshops or even original manufacturers. Moreover, with the help of technical collaboration between its design experts and customers, Aqua Energy Solutions Co. provides quality solutions, whether a replica of the OEM’s design, or even a modification of the original design to meet performance improvements. Aqua Energy Solutions Co. aims to produce high-quality industrial spare parts and critical machine components, providing its clients with precision and reliability.