Reverse Engineering is the process used to recapture the top level specification of a certain product by analysing and studying its structure, function and operation.
Aqua Energy Solutions Co. has all the essentials required to conduct reverse engineering, including:

  • Engineering / Design Knowledge and Experience
  • Material Identification and Analysis
  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine
  • Powerful CAD/CAM software

By studying the data and information acquired, 3-D models, assemblies and animations are created to study the functionality of the parts.

In addition, Finite Element Analysis is performed on the acquired design to check for stresses and failures, in order to assure proper functionality in the final design.


Aqua Energy Solutions is equipped with most advanced CAD/CAM software including SolidWorks and MasterCAM, with the capability of programming 5-axis milling, 5-axis mill-turning, EDM wire cutting, 3D prototyping and machining simulation.

The CAD/CAM solutions main advantage is merging products design and manufacturing functions by automatically programming G-Codes, tool-paths and CNC machinery cycles. The automation afforded by that integration can generate substantial increase in productivity as well as efficient manufacturing cost and time estimation, leading to find the optimum manufacturing process and reducing production cost.